Voluntarism- a way of participation

…in cooperative and social actions that aim to the confrontation of the direct social and environmental issues.

We do not believe that we can solve by ourselves big environmental problems. We cannot, though, stand neutral. Our actions comprise a direct reminding of the problems and a pressure for their confrontation.

A form of social control on everyone who takes critical decisions, a contribution to the protection of the environment as a public and social commodity.

Together with the volunteers we, thus, organize actions that refer to the specific needs of the area and respect the local society. Multisided and participatory actions that exceed the limits of a plain “unpaid job”. Actions that have a place for everyone who has the willingness to offer, irrespectively of age, education, origin and language.

In this framework, Voluntarism Programs are organized. Every summer, in important mountainous habitats, volunteers of every age, together with the scientific stuff of Callisto and in cooperation with the local society, we cooperate for the nature and the area’s history research, we design and implement creative interventions in the field, we inform visitors and producers, we help in the monitoring of the Protected Areas. Simultaneously, we are enriched with knowledge, experiences, relationships.

In Rodopi, Gramos or the mountains of Grevena, we invite you to participate in our effort to fill again our mountains with life.

Γίνε εθελοντής

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